Can You Clean Mold With Bleach (Truth Or Myth)


Does Cleaning With Bleach kill mold?

Well Yes, but it comes with a price. Most over the counter bleach labels warn you that chlorine bleach will only be effective on a hard, non-porous surfaces which limit the disinfecting properties for Mold applications. To properly kill Mold it requires a cleaner to reach deep down into porous building materials to remove or “pull out” the roots of the Mold. The Ingredient in bleach prevent it from soaking deep into these materials. After cleaning with bleach the areas with mold looks gone but the roots of the mold always remains to grow back down the road.

Another issue using Bleach to kill Mold is bleach contains about 90% water and Mold LOVES water. When bleach is applied, the chlorine quickly evaporates after use leaving behind A LOT of water. This water will soaks into porous surface such as drywall allowing the Mold to flourish and re-grow. So in closing, using over the counter bleach actually feeds Mold spores! If using bleach to clean Mold the surface may look bleached clean, but the remaining spores not seen by the naked eye will root deeper & stronger and will often return to become worse than before.


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