mold poisoning symptoms in humans (What To Look For)


Mold Poisoning Symptoms in Humans

Mold poisoning symptoms can and does affect people differently. Mold can enter into the human body through many different pathways. People that are exposed to Mold by eating contaminated foods or being in the wrong places can affect the sinuses and lungs through normal breathing in mold contaminated buildings. People who have smoked hand rolled cigars and marijuana that was mold contaminated have reported contracting respiratory fungal infections.   Human hands touching Mold contaminated surfaces and then touching other body parts, i.e. eyes, lips, nose etc… are documented as the direct cause of blindness and other Mold related infections.

While the long term health effects of Mold remain a topic of debate the fact remains that Mold creates allergic reactions within the human body. These allergic reactions are somewhat minimized by some defense lawyers. However, the fact remains allergies can be deadly as many people whom are allergic to bee stings die each year. Adults and children with food allergies die each year or become seriously ill.  By multiple manufacturers advertising “Hypoallergenic” products, this alone is overwhelming evidence of the National concerns regarding serious allergic reactions by the human body when exposed to certain substances.



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